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Next Meeting
Sunday, October 5
at 2:30pm

Central Christian Church
222 Menores Ave, Coral Gables 33134

Enter the door at the south side of the building on Mendoza Ave. Parking in west lot is also available if you enter from Menores Ave. Street parking is also free on Sunday.

Please bring $1 donation to cover the cost of the room. We very much appreciate those who can provide refreshments such as cookies, crackers, brownies, etc.

Meetings begin at 2:30pm at the Central Christian Church of Coral Gables at 222 Menores Avenue.

We welcome one and all to join us for our monthly historical programs and special events.

We usually meet on the first Sunday of each month except for July and August, or on holiday weekends.

Dues: Please bring your annual $20 dues to the meeting, or mail your check made to MP/NOD to our Treasurer: Marlene B. Carlin, 14900 SW 71 Ave, Miami, FL 33158. If you noticed a colored dot next to your name on the envelope for this newsletter, your dues are past.

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2014-15 Officers

president, Caesar Phillips
past president, Joan Clancey
first vice president, Ed English
recording secretary, Janet English
corr. secretary, Philip F. Balbi
treasurer, Marlene B. Carlin
historian, Darlene Crum
historian, Terry Jensen
sergeant at arms, Gerda Marchese
sergeant at arms, Shelley Adelman
parliamentarian, Linda Hertz
membership records, Joy McGarry
newsletter editor, Robert Burr

Sunday, October 5

Enid Pinkney: Hampton House

On the first Sunday in October, we welcome our esteemed member and local historical activist Enid Pinkney for a program on the Historic Hampton House Community Trust.

The Hampton House Motel was an elegant place back in the days of segregation when anybody who was somebody would come for rest, relaxation and entertainment. There was good food and good music. Outstanding performers appeared and black celebrities lived there because they could not live where they performed.

Dr. Martin Luther King had a special room and so did Muhammad Ali. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. first said his "I Have a Dream" speech there and Muhammad Ali had his victory party there when he beat Sonny Liston.

Malcolm X proselytized Cassius Clay to the Muslim faith at the Hampton House.

The Hampton House was a bridge into integration during the period of segregation. One would find white people like Harvey Ruvin, County Clerk and Howard Klienberg, editor of the Miami News at the Hampton House enjoying the best jazz in town.

With integration and other circumstances came the demise of the Hampton House Motel. The once "Jewel of the South" became a derelict building and the County was going to tear it down. A group of preservationists asked the County for a "stay of demolition" and persuaded the County to buy the building. They formed a 501c3 Historic Hampton House Community Trust, Inc. and received local historic designation for the building.

Later the building became a part of the General Obligation Bond Program for 4.7 million dollars. This was not enough money and Commissioner Audrey Edmonson was successful in getting 2 million dollars more to begin the project.

The current challenge to the Trust is to make the building sustainable by finding tenants for the building. There are plans for a restaurant, but no kitchen is included in the plans. They plan a community room that could be rented for various functions. They want to have a recording studio, but money was not included for that. They planned for a museum, and a gift shop.

They have talked to Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, President of Florida Memorial and Dr. Shelley Berg, of the University of Miami about bringing their music programs and history programs to the Hampton.

They urgently need tenants while the building is under construction so the completed building will meet the needs of the tenants. They also discussed having a police station on the premises and offices for local businesses.

The Historic Hampton House Historic Trust is open to ideas that will make the building sustainable.

Meeting in Usual Place

We cancelled plans to meet at The Palace in Coral Gables this month due to lack of equipment needed. We'll meet at the usual place at 2:30pm.

Thank You Members

Thank you to all members who bring refreshments which make our social so enjoyable. And, thanks to everyone who makes a generous donation to the "Money Jar" which goes to paying for the room cost at the church.

Member Birthdays October

Robert Albury 26th
Florence Birch 11th
Hannah Black 30th
Linda Boutin 11th
E. R. Brownell 27th
Jay Clarke 6th
Pat Clarke 1st
Jeremy Daniels 18th
William Freeman 18th
Helen Grier 31st
Bettye Hudson 25th
Dr. Duane Hutson 23rd
Howard Kleinberg 23rd
Caesar Phillips 14th
Enid Pinkney 15th
Andy Raby 16th
Nancy Skilling 11th
Elizabeth Stevens 30th
Mary Ann Taylor 21st
Jacquelyn Westbrook 19th

Save The Date: November 2

On the first Sunday in November we'll welcome another fine speaker for our monthly Miami Pioneers and Natives of Dade program.

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Member News

Our President Caesar Phillips has been reorganizing our membership records on his computer to better serve our needs. Now we can print mailing lables, keep track of birthdays and much more, quite easily, thanks to his organizational efforts.

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